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Who We Are?

Eat Better Travel Better is a food and travel specialist magazine for the urban traveller.
Currently, India’s youngest digital magazine, we are here to fire up and intensify the curiosity of our readers about India and the world. We are big fans of enriching tales, alluring destinations and yummy foods and recipes and we intend to bring these to you through words that sing fine tunes, stunning photos that are delightful to the eyes and designs that bring destinations and foods to life.

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What hearts divine

Here are the stories of how singles and couples across generations are spending their Valentine's Day this year.


Every year, couples choose to express their affection through cards, flowers and a date night on Valentine’s Day. Some choose to keep it simple, by planning a night-in with their favourite things to do while others go all out with their plans: a getaway to an exotic location or a visit to a top restaurant. We spoke to a few couples to get to know what the day means to them and how they plan to celebrate this day of love...

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Culinary Destinations : The World on your platter

If the foodie in you is looking for a destination to expand your palate, get ready to drool. We help you discover delicious world flavours for a magical culinary vacation.

Text : Megha Paul & Rachna Virdi

The world of social distancing might have become a challenge to our current travel plans. However, post all the detox, fitness regimes and home-cooked food that we have devoured during the lockdown time, experiencing an array of tantalising flavours across the world is one of our strongest desires at the moment...

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The land of dawn lit Mountains

A travel writer describes his one of its kind experience of travelling through the steep landscapes, majestic mountains, serpentine roads and gravelly paths to discover Tawang, the heart of Arunachal Pradesh.


A road trip to Tawang is a journey full of flavours. The long road from Bhalukpong in the foothills to this alpine destination tucked in a remote corner of India’s Northeast, is a veritable feast of scenes that span a spectrum of landscapes—from breath-taking Himalayan valleys to...

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Top Travel destinations 2021

With most Indian cities opening up in the current times, how about exploring our own backyard. Let’s look at the cities you can add to your bucket list.

Text : Arijit Purkayastha

In the mood to travel? With the whole of last year being an extraordinary and challenging one, this year is the perfect time to arrive at places with squeaky clean new possibilities, promises, hopes and joys of its own.

Every year we look at the best places to visit in...

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